Sunday, December 3, 2006

Why This Blog? Part1

It's 8:23 on a Sunday morning and I'm at the keyboard as the other 5 household members, one guest, and Barry the cat begin to stir, so I thought I'd tell you why I'm undertaking this online endeavor.

During my time on this planet folks have told me they enjoyed hearing my musings ("Arthur you're so funny-both funny/peculiar and funny/haha."), and have encouraged me to find a wider venue.

I agree and I think the discipline of writing would be helpful in honing both my creativity and my ability to communicate. It would also provide an opportunity for the increasing number of folks I know and love to share whatever they want with me and each other.

As with any human activity being more social will make it more developmental, so please resond in any way you think would facilitate building a supportive and fun environment.

Keep those links coming folks!

Please allow me to introduce myself by giving you some of the salient info about my current situation as a jumping off point for what I hope becomes our joyful journey together.(to be continued.......)


Martha Grace said...

I'm so glad to read this, Arthur. This will be a fabulous way to get to know you. I had no idea you were funny, and I've known you for over 2 years. We have sat in the same room once a week for that length of time, and I didn't know you were funny?? Now that's sad. Thanks for sending me this link. I shall read it regularly.

Cheers, grace

jill said...

Hi Martha! I enjoyed reading your posting on arthur's blog, but I must admit that after reading it, I am quite perplexed : I cannot fathom how someone can know arthur for over two years and not realize how funny he is! I met arthur over 30 years ago (!) and have not stopped laughing since!