Friday, December 15, 2006

Online shopping adventure

I decided to put custom printed m&ms in my holiday cards this year, so I went to the m&ms website to buy them. As some of you know I buy virtually everything (except groceries) online or on the street so I'm a competent online shopper. However the the m&ms site stymied me. I wanted to buy light blue custom printed m&ms and when I opened the box there was a 5 pound bag of plain red ones.
Another skill I possess is dealing with the increasing incompetence I encounter in the service industry (I once got 6 months of free cable after describing to the head of the Brooklyn Time-Warner call my experiences with her subordinates).
So I chatted with the supervisor at m&ms the next day and she told me that "just this one time"
they would send me what I had originally wanted and that the 5 lb. bag was their holiday gift to me.
She was very apologetic that they wouldn't be shipped til Jan.2 and I assured her that that was fine with me because people get so much stuff before xmas that they would appreciate receiving a gift for the new year.
She was also delighted to hear that I would be distributing the red ones to the members of Summit House (the clubhouse program for psych patients where I just became the director.)

Tuesday, December 5, 2006


I saw this printed on a box at the pharmacy today:
"Do not fold-lie flat"

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Why This Blog? Part1

It's 8:23 on a Sunday morning and I'm at the keyboard as the other 5 household members, one guest, and Barry the cat begin to stir, so I thought I'd tell you why I'm undertaking this online endeavor.

During my time on this planet folks have told me they enjoyed hearing my musings ("Arthur you're so funny-both funny/peculiar and funny/haha."), and have encouraged me to find a wider venue.

I agree and I think the discipline of writing would be helpful in honing both my creativity and my ability to communicate. It would also provide an opportunity for the increasing number of folks I know and love to share whatever they want with me and each other.

As with any human activity being more social will make it more developmental, so please resond in any way you think would facilitate building a supportive and fun environment.

Keep those links coming folks!

Please allow me to introduce myself by giving you some of the salient info about my current situation as a jumping off point for what I hope becomes our joyful journey together.(to be continued.......)

Friday, December 1, 2006

Yule thought

Starbucks has 2 seasonal coffees "Christmas Blend" and "Holiday Blend".
What differentiates them?
One is named "Christmas Blend" and one is named "Holiday Blend".
White Chocolate has no reason to live.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ice cream is the garlic of dessert, and whipped cream is the grated cheese.