Friday, December 15, 2006

Online shopping adventure

I decided to put custom printed m&ms in my holiday cards this year, so I went to the m&ms website to buy them. As some of you know I buy virtually everything (except groceries) online or on the street so I'm a competent online shopper. However the the m&ms site stymied me. I wanted to buy light blue custom printed m&ms and when I opened the box there was a 5 pound bag of plain red ones.
Another skill I possess is dealing with the increasing incompetence I encounter in the service industry (I once got 6 months of free cable after describing to the head of the Brooklyn Time-Warner call my experiences with her subordinates).
So I chatted with the supervisor at m&ms the next day and she told me that "just this one time"
they would send me what I had originally wanted and that the 5 lb. bag was their holiday gift to me.
She was very apologetic that they wouldn't be shipped til Jan.2 and I assured her that that was fine with me because people get so much stuff before xmas that they would appreciate receiving a gift for the new year.
She was also delighted to hear that I would be distributing the red ones to the members of Summit House (the clubhouse program for psych patients where I just became the director.)

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